True Grit

Something came in the post a few days ago for the spouse. I was the one who took it out of the mail box. One glance at the envelope was all it took to guess the contents. I knew the letter would add another feather to his cap. Another achievement. Another victory. It may be modest and insignificant to some but for someone who had worked tirelessly and persistently AND shamelessly for almost two years, it was a huge success. Not just for him alone but for a whole bunch of others as well.

Despite my sincere admiration, I am still not able to comprehend why he was willing to sacfrice so much time and effort doing something which should have been done by those with power, position and influence. A mere snap of those influential fingers would have seen things done what took him years to accomplish. Ironically though, this particular letter that just arrived would benefit quite a handful of those perched high up above. I suppose, someone has got to do the job and that someone is none other than my good old spouse.

He beamed with pride and satisfaction when I handed the letter to him. It was to mark a new beginning for him and some one hundred and twenty two others. A national recognition and honour. Well done. Much as I detested seeing you sweat and slog, I am proud of you. It goes to show what true grit and determination could achieve.


4 responses to “True Grit

  1. hi aunty siti! it has been a long while, eh?
    bravo uncle for the success. i’ve yet to find out what it actually is though, haven’t visited his blog in a while 😉
    salam ramadhan to u both!

    • Dieya, that was fast. I suffer from the syndrome of not knowing how to start when I stop. Hence the long absence. But good to know there’s someone waiting patiently:-)

  2. Salam Perkenalan Auntie, I’ve been reading and following your husband’s blog andI must say, it’s a very intriguing blog. And from there, I happened to read auntie’s blog. I believe as an armywife, you must have a lot to share with readers…ups and downs of armywife’s life :-), yeah, I would love to read your experience especially during the emergency period…it must be tough to be a military spouse/partner then compared nowadays…I linked your url to mine, feel free to visit and have some comments…Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak auntie and hope to keep in touch with you 🙂

    • Cik Faye, salam. Good to know that you find xnuripilot’s blog interesting. As requested, I will try to write something about being a chopper pilot’s wife. Look out for my next entry. After the Raya, perhaps. Now the mind is as empty as the stomach. 🙂

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