The Story Of A Soldier’s Wife – The Packer

The long-awaited promotion finally came for my husband and along with it a transfer back to No.10 Squadron, Kuantan, as a Flight Commander. Apart from the joy and excitement at being promoted, there were a lot of things to be done. There was my transfer to begin with. Again, like the previous one, it was not a year-end transfer, hence a little bit more tricky to handle. But, I knew I could rely on my husband to settle the problem. All I had to do was to fill up the necessary forms and had it approved by the Principal before handing them over to my husband for his “personal touch” both at the Ministry and State levels like before. I wrote about the first transfer here

My main concern was the packing up that needed to be done fast. Unlike our first posting when we could squeeze all our stuff into six boxes, we definitely had to have more this time around. Although time was running out fast, I was given strict instructions NOT to begin packing without him. It was obvious he did not trust my reckless style of “arranging” things the first time I tried my hand at it. He was the expert, ensuring that things were packed tight and firm with absolutely no room for the slightest bit of movement. This was essentially important to prevent the more fragile ones from breaking even though we had the privilege of having the boxes flown in the Nuri, of course!

The last few remaining days in Butterworth still saw him furiously flying from morn till dawn but he still insisted that I leave the packing to him. It was not procrastination for he hated doing things last minute but there was simply no time. He was confident of getting a week’s break from duty prior to bidding farewell to Butterworth. But it was not to be. He came back late one evening and dropped a bombshell. He had to leave immediately for a three months SOS (Squadron Officers’ School) course in KL before reporting at Kuantan base. That announcement had me flapping in sheer panic.

I was left stunned and bewildered. I decided to defy orders and went ahead with the packing. I had twelve made-to-order boxes sent over to the house and within the next few days, like a woman possessed, I had everything wrapped and packed and stacked MY WAY. Now, I only had to wait for his inspection and approval.

He rushed back home to a BIG surprise. Although I did not score full marks, the new twelve and the old six boxes were given the seal of approval, fit to be air flown to Kuantan. And with that, I instinctively knew I had landed myself a new job, that of a packer, in all our future postings.


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